Yokohama National University
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Program

79-5, Tokiwadai, Hotogaya-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAPAN.

TEL: +81-45-339-3840
(Department office)
FAX: +81-45-331-6593

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Name Title Research Field
AKINIWA Yoshiaki Professor  Strength of Materials, Fracture Mechanics, Stress and Strain Analysis 
ARAKI Takuto  Professor  Thermo-fluid Dynamics, Mass and heat Transfer, Fuel Cells, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems 
ISHII Kazuhiro* Professor  Combustion Engineering, Chemical Propulsion
YU Qiang Professor  Computational Mechanics, Strength of Materials 
OZAKI Shingo  Professor Constitutive Equation, Plasticity, Friction, Self-healing materials, Terramechanics 
SATO Yasukazu  Professor  Mechatronics, Electromechanical Systems, Fluid Power Control, Power Transmission 
SANADA Kazushi  Professor  Control Engineering
NISHINO Koichi  Professor  Turbulence, Flow Visualization and Measurement, Utilization of Digital Image Processing Technique 
HYAKUTAKE Toru Professor  Computational Fluid Dynamics, Biomechanics, Micro Nano Flow 
MAEDA Yusuke  Professor  Robotics, Manufacturing systems engineering 
MATSUI Jun  Professor  Internal Flow in Fluid Machinery , Computational Fluid Dynamics
MATSUMOTO Hiroaki  Professor  Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics 
MARUO Shoji  Professor  Ultrahigh-precision 3D printing, Micromachine, Micro Total Analysis System
INOUE Fumihiro Associate Prof. Unit processes for 3D integration, Advanced packaging
OTA Hiroki Associate Prof. Micro/Nano fabrication, Sensor engineering, Soft material
KATO Ryu Associate Prof. Robotics, Medical welfare machine, Rehabilitation engineering, Brain machine interface 
KITAMURA Keiichi*  Associate Prof. Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hypersonic Flow, Multiphase Flow 
SAKAI Seigo  Associate Prof. Heat Transfer, Numerical Simulation, Radiative Exchange 
SHINOZUKA Jun Associate Prof. Cutting, FEM, Dynamic Behavior of Material 
TAKAO Yoshinori* Associate Prof. Electric Propulsion, Plasma Application 
HARA Kensuke Associate Prof. Multibody Dynamics, Fluid-structure interaction, Nonlinear vibration
FUCHIWAKI Ohmi   Associate Prof. Micro mechanism, Micro manipulation, Actuator, Precise mobile robot
SAKAKIDA Akihiro Lecturer Gasoline ENG, Fuel Injector, Fuel Cell System, Compressed hydrogen container
SUGIUCHI Hajime Lecturer Robotics, Automatic Control, Microcomputer Applications 
TAKATO Keiichiro Lecturer
MATSUURA Yoshifusa Research fellow Education Engineering, Skill, Skill Training, Ergonomics, Welfare Engineering, Distance Learning
ISHIMURA Misa Research Associate Hydrodynamics, Stability of liquid film, Mass and heat transfer
MUKAI Masaru Research Associate Interface science, Polymer, Biomimetic, Supramolecular